Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Welcome everyone to my new photoblog.  I'm very new at the process, so bear with me as the site will constantly undergo many changes within the next month or so.

I started off my first post with the picture that started my love of photography.  And I will post 4 more today and at least one every other day.  Again, that is my tentative plan for the first month or so until I get more comfortable navigating and updating my blog more smoothly.

I hope this is a place you can draw inspiration.  Maybe you'll have those days where everything is moving so fast life is a blur, just remember our minds are faster than any SLR camera so far.  When those crazy moments, days, weeks, months or years happen, just stop, breathe slowly and remain motionless for just a few seconds.

Thank you.


Oceans of Love

Originally Photographed in June 2005