Mana's love for photography began with a simple shot of her sister and brother-in-law sharing a kiss in the waves on the beautiful island of Kauai (HI). Mana's first choice was to look at art schools to attend after high school, but she also had a strong passion for choosing a career to help people.  It was a hard decision to make, but in 2007 she stumbled upon a career that would allow her to do both.  Thus she began nursing school in the fall of 2008 at Loma Linda University.

She has just completed her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing and currently works as a  nurse for the Surgical/Trauma Intensive Care Unit at Loma Linda University Medical Center.  However, her passion for photography has never faded.  Throughout her years in college and continuing into her career life, Mana continues to carry at least one camera with her to capture everything around her.

Her dream now is to travel the world while still practicing nursing but photograph and journal her experiences and to share those experiences with as many people as possible.